Weekly Wrap Up – September 18 to 24, 2021

In this week’s Wrap Up, Krista and Lori share their weight updates and food diaries for the last week.

Weekly Weight Loss


Lori’s daily weigh-ins for the last week

09/18/2021 156.7
09/19/2021 156.5
09/20/2021 157.2
09/21/2021 156.4
09/22/2021 156
09/23/2021 154


Krista’s weight loss for the last week was not nearly impressive. She was down just .2 pounds. But when she went back and looked at her weight for the last four weeks, she’s still averaging a loss of two pounds a week, which is her goal, so one week of a small loss is fine with her.

Krista’s daily weigh-ins for the last week

9/18/2021 forgot to weigh
9/19/2021 185.5
9/20/2021 184.2
9/21/2021 185.8
9/22/2021 184.2
9/23/2021 182.6

Krista’s weekly weigh-ins for the last four weeks

9/3/2021 189.8
9/10/2021 185
9/17/2021 184.8

Food Diaries

This week marks the first Weekly Wrap Up in which Krista and Lori share what they ate during their eating windows in the last week.


Friday, September 17                  

Pederson smoked sausage, spinach, onions, pepper, jalapenos, and sesame oil with a splash of beef broth


Saturday, September 19

organic girl butter plus! salad with 1 tbsp Ranch dressing, 1 tbsp Italian dressing, 1/4 cup bacon bits, and 6 raisins


Grilled chicken

Sunday, September 20

Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup

and a chicken breast

Monday, September 20


Tuesday, September 21

2 hamburgers with Primal Kitchen ketchup and mustard

Wednesday, September 22

1/2 hamburger – plain


        Friday, September 17                         Saturday, September 18

Panera Caesar Salad – no croutons, light chicken, no side


Deli sliced oven roasted turkey breast, parmesan crisps

Saturday, September 18

Trader Joe’s Chicken Soup

Romaine lettuce

Trader Joe’s Organic Caesar Dressing


Monday, September 13

3 cubes cheese

1 cup chicken salad

Thursday, September 16

1 cup salad

1 oz Kalamata olives

5 parmesan crisps

2 oz whole milk

2 oz deli oven roasted turkey

Krista found the food diary very helpful this week. So helpful, in fact, that it kept her from eating one food that she has previously admitted is a weakness for her – peanut butter!

New starting next week – Old, Fat, & Fasting will go to two videos instead of three. Videos will post on Monday and Friday on a regular basis, and there will be additional videos on occasion.