Weekly Wrap Up ~ October 15, 2021


My weight went up a pound this week from 180.4 to 181.4. I haven’t eaten well or stuck to any kind of fasting schedule this week because it’s just been super busy at work, so a gain of a pound is not a surprise. Back on track next week.


Lori hasn’t reported her weight for a little while because she’s been traveling, so here’s some highlights of her weight fluctuations during that time.

September 23, the day they left town – 154 pounds

She actually hit her lowest weight yet on September 26 – 151.7!

October 7 – 160.8 This was lots of water from making some food choices she normally wouldn’t make, and the proof of that is shown by what her weight quickly did after that.

By that Saturday, October 9, she was down to 158.8 and the next day she was down to 155.6. Her weight fluctuated a tiny bit between now and then, but this morning she was at a new low – 151.7!



We’re just going to write off this week’s food for me. LOL. I’ll just say it was not good. Like I said before, back at it next week. 🙂



Chicken breast with green peppers cooked in sesame oil


Salad with Ranch dressing, 1 tbsp raisins, shredded cheese, and bacon bits


Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup that was absolutely delicious, if I can say so myself! You have to make it if you like mushrooms. I made it with heavy cream but you could go dairy free by using chicken broth or beef broth.


I had the same salad I had Sunday.


Homemade Cream of Broccoli Soup that was also delish!


I had the same salad I had Sunday and Tuesday.


I had chicken fried rice! Yum! Not a great choice, I know. I was surprised my weight was down this morning, but it was. Maybe that’s because I stopped when I was full instead of stuffing myself.