Weekly Wrap Up ~ November 5, 2021





Well the longer fasts did the trick this week. Last Friday I weighed 180 and this morning I’m at 178! I did notice a trend though. I dropped to 178 during my 48-hour fast from Friday night to Sunday night, then went back up to 180 Monday morning. That’s because I went to a Halloween party Sunday night, and I don’t regret one tiny bit. I ate food I don’t normally eat and enjoyed it while socializing with old friends and new. It was fun, and I’m glad I went and glad I ate what I ate. But it took me five days to get back down to 178. I am down two pounds for the week, which isn’t at all bad. But since bad habits and lots of rule-breaking had me stuck in the 180s for nearly two months, I’d like to have a couple of weeks of over three pounds lost. So I’m going to change things up again this week a little. I ate this morning and won’t eat now until Sunday morning (48 hours). Then I’ll do a 36-hour fast and not eat until lunch time Monday. Then I’ll do another 48-hour fast and not eat until lunch time Wednesday. Another 36 hours would put me having dinner Thursday, but I really prefer to skip dinner, so I’ll go instead until breakfast Friday morning (that will be about a 60-hour fast). We’ll see how that goes, I’m hoping for a loss of about four pounds this week.


We don’t have an update from Lori this week because she is busy with showing her house and all the other things involved in trying to move.




Friday night I had chicken salad that I made just with some salt, mayonnaise, and capers along with a salad of romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, and Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing.


Saturday I fasted


I didn’t take pictures of what I ate Sunday night at the Halloween party, but it included chili with shredded cheddar on top, pumpkin muffins, and Lay’s Sea Salt Poppables.


Monday I fasted


Tuesday I ate lunch. I had three eggs scrambled with diced sun-dried tomatoes in them and four slices of bacon.


Wednesday night three eggs scrambled and four slices of bacon. I also had some romaine lettuce but was out of the Primal Kitchen dressing. I had some Newman’s Own Poppyseed dressing, which I love, but it’s higher in carbs than I like. So instead of having two tablespoons of that (the usual serving size), I mixed one tablespoon of it with a tablespoon of olive oil and tossed the lettuce in that. I liked it and will do it again!


Thursday I fasted


We don’t have Lori’s food diary for this week because she’s been tied up with moving.