Weekly Wrap Up ~ November 12, 2021


I ate nearly every day this week, but not much. I had things like chicken salad, cheese, and turkey. My reflux got bad this week. I tried Mylanta, lots of water, and milk. None of it took care of it so I ended up eating to stop the burn. I had the same problem when I fasted about a year and a half ago, but much sooner than I did this time.

I went back and looked at our Weekly Wrap Up videos on YouTube, and it seems that my reflux started kicking in about a month after I started this time. I’ve been able to control it pretty well until the last couple of weeks – well, except those weeks when I was not “fasting by the rules”. The reflux actually was part of why I broke the rules during that time, but it wasn’t the main reason. I really believe in fasting and believe it’s the right way for me to lose weight and that it is good for my health in other ways as well. And I believe that it can actually heal my gut it I can just find a way that works for me.

I tried Prilosec for my reflux a couple of months ago but stopped it because it didn’t seem to be helping and was actually making me nauseous. What I bought, however, was not the name brand, and when I looked at the reviews on Amazon I discovered that there were several reviews from people who had the same problems I did, people who had never had issues with Prilosec before. So I bought some name brand Prilosec on Wednesday and started taking it Thursday. Here’s my plan for the next six weeks at this point. (Subject to change if I run into any unforeseen issues.)

  • It usually takes three or four days for it to really kick in. Four days will be Sunday. So I’m going to eat whenever between now and then and then do 16:8 fasts (not eating 16 hours a day; eating during an 8-hour timeframe) until this two-week course of Prilosec is over (on November 24). Starting tomorrow, I’ll stick to low carb, protein, and lots of veggies. When I go back to fasting, I’ll eat the same during my eating windows.
  • Then I plan two more weeks of Prilosec (November 25 to December 8), but I’ll do OMAD (One Meal a Day) during those two weeks.
  • From December 9 to 22, I’ll do OMAD with no Prilosec.

Over the next six weeks, I’ll measure my success by sticking to the plan, not by the scale. For now, the focus is my health, not my weight. I’ll post everything I eat like I’ve been doing. You can see my food log a week at a time one each week’s Weekly Wrap-Up (like what we’ve been doing), but I’m also going to try to do some form of a daily log as well to keep myself account on a daily basis. As soon as I figure out exactly how I’m going to do that, I’ll put a link here.

During the next six weeks, I’m not counting calories or anything else. I’m just focusing on healthy proteins (probably chicken and seafood), lots of veggies, and keeping it low carb.

Fasting, like life, is a journey! We learn as we go. We learn about ourselves and our bodies, which helps us to make healthier and healthier choices.


We don’t have any updates from Lori this week because she’s busy moving. We miss you and can’t wait to see you again, Lori!


There is tons of information on the internet about what to eat (and not eat) to help your acid reflux. Here are a couple of good ones I found.

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