Make Your Fasting Refeed Easy with Meal Planning

Whether you’re fasting or not, meal planning makes life so much easier. In this episode, Lori shares her method and tools for meal planning. She talks about low carb, healthy foods you can make ahead of time that will keep you on track with your fasting goals. Her meal planning tips include some of her favorite meals to make ahead, the specific containers and appliances she uses, and even some suggestions for meals you can pick up at the store, bring home, and heat up.

Topics covered include:

Meal Prep (making your own protein & veggies ahead of time)
High Carb Veggies to Avoid
Refrigerating and Freezing Meals
Soups and Stews
Prep Salads
Chicken, Shrimp and Tuna Salad
Grocery Bars
Home Chef
Grocery Chain Brand of Meal Kits

There are lots of links to recipes and tools mentioned in the description below the video as well as discount codes on some items. Check it out on YouTube at the link below!

Meal Planning Tips to Make Your Fasting Refeed Easier