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  • We’re On Google Podcasts!

    We’re On Google Podcasts!

    The Old, Fat, and Fasting podcast is now on Google Podcasts! We’re so excited! We’re now on Amazon Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts! Right now, all platforms have the first three episodes of our How Do I Start Fasting series as well as yesterday’s Weekly Wrap-Up episode. Listen on any of the four podcast platforms, […]

  • Weekly Wrap Up – August 6, 2021

    Weekly Wrap Up – August 6, 2021

    In this episode, Krista and Lori give their weight updates and talk about their fasting experiences for the previous week. They also discuss new developments with Old, Fat, and Fasting that happened in the previous week and that will be coming soon. CLICK HERE FOR THE YOUTUBE VIDEO

  • BIG NEWS! Catch Our New Podcast!

    BIG NEWS! Catch Our New Podcast!

    We’ve got big news! You can now listen to every episode of OFF on our podcast! It will be the same audio as what’s in our YouTube videos. Currently you can find the first episode of our series titled “How Do I Start Fasting” on Stitcher and Spotify, but we expect to also be on […]