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  • Weekly Wrap Up ~ October 15, 2021

    Weekly Wrap Up ~ October 15, 2021

    Krista My weight went up a pound this week from 180.4 to 181.4. I haven’t eaten well or stuck to any kind of fasting schedule this week because it’s just been super busy at work, so a gain of a pound is not a surprise. Back on track next week. Lori Lori hasn’t reported her […]

  • We’re Bbbaaaccckkk

    We’re Bbbaaaccckkk

    Travel is over (for now!). We posted a new video yesterday! Check it out by CLICKING HERE!

  • Fasting on the Road

    Fasting on the Road

    On a road trip heading to Kentucky to visit family! Husband and son grabbed snacks at the grocery store I just grabbed some coffee. Found one that is sweetened with Monk fruit! Carbs are a little higher than I usually like but it’ll make me feel like I’m having a treat without breaking my fast. […]

  • Planning Around an Event

    Planning Around an Event

    We are moving our son *sniffle* from North Carolina to Illinois this weekend *sigh*  Our favorite family restaurant is a sushi place called Mr. Tokyo.  They have all you can eat sushi for $20!  My history with this wonderful place is that they have always lost money on me and I’ve walked out of there […]