Fasting Weight Loss

Second digit change!

It’s always nice when you hit any type of achievement in weight loss!  One that I love is when the second digit changes on the scale!  That happened today!  I went from the 150s to the 140s!  I haven’t seen the 140s in probably 15 – 20 years!  I started fasting in March at 204 pounds.  Today, 7 months later, I’m down 55 pounds, my BMI is no longer considered obese (my BMI is 25.5…normal BMI is 24.9), and I’m just 13.8 pounds away from my current goal weight!  I say, “current goal weight” because I don’t want to set that number in stone.  If I’m not happy with how I look and/or feel at 135 pounds then I’ll lose more.  But, AS OF NOW, I’m just 13.8 pounds away!