Planning Around an Event

We are moving our son *sniffle* from North Carolina to Illinois this weekend *sigh*  Our favorite family restaurant is a sushi place called Mr. Tokyo.  They have all you can eat sushi for $20!  My history with this wonderful place is that they have always lost money on me and I’ve walked out of there so full my back hurts.  That sounds like a joke but you know what?  It’s the truth!  Andrew told us that he wanted to eat there before he moved.  That’s where we’re going tonight.  I fasted yesterday as 1 way of preparing for today.  Another change I’ll be making is NOT ORDERING ALL I CAN EAT!  Well, I guess, technically, I will be ordering all I can eat which means I’ll be order ala carte…just one sushi roll of my favorite item on the menu.  I’ve been fasting long enough enough that I get full pretty easily now.  If that one roll doesn’t fill me I’ll get a bowl of their clear soup and drink more water.  If my weight is up tomorrow from eating this one roll, I’ll fast tomorrow.  I’ll update tomorrow with how it went!

Fasting doesn’t mean that you can NEVER EVER indulge.  You certainly can!  Don’t make a habit of it, plan ahead and be willing to make some adjustment for a day or 2 after in case you need to play defense.