New and Exciting Things To Come!

Welcome fellow fasters. There aren’t words to accurately describe how excited we are that you’re here! We have so much in store for you in the coming days. 

  • Daily chats about fasting
  • Unboxings and reviews of tools we think you may find useful
  • Cooking videos
  • Resources you can use to get the information you want at a glance
  • A newsletter
  • And all kinds of tips about fasting – how to start, how to minimize your hunger, how to break your fast, how to travel and fast, holidays and fasting, and MUCH more!

Until we get everything up and going, we’d love to stay in touch via social media. Click on the social media icons in the sidebar to follow us. We hope to see you there!

~ Krista and Lori

P.S. Check back here soon for more updates. 🙂


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