Hit My Lowest Weight To Date!

After gaining weight in Puerto Rico (and then fasting to lose it) and then gaining weight camping for a week (and then fasting to lose it) I finally get to change my profile picture again and…I’M AT MY LOWEST WEIGHT and MORE THAN HALFWAY TO MY GOAL WEIGHT!
The day before leaving for Puerto Rico:
May 14 ~ 170.6 pounds
May 23 ~ 181.6 pounds
Hit my pre-Puerto Rico weight on June 8 at 170.5. It took 16 days for me to lose the extra 11 pounds.
The day before camping for a week:
June 19 ~ 165.9 pounds
June 26 ~ 173.1 pounds
Hit my pre-camping weight yesterday, July 6, at 165.9. It took 10 days for me to lose the 7.2 pounds that I gained.
My weight today 164.4! This is the lowest my weight has been!!


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