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Chicken Salad and Chicken Bone Broth on the CHEAP!

My family loves this chicken salad recipe. I use a $5 rotisserie chicken from Sam’s Club and add celery, onion, cucumber and mayonnaise.  Make it with whatever low carb vegetables you like.  You could also replace the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt, sour cream or whatever low carb and low sugar alternative you like.

Once I finish the chicken salad recipe, I put the bones from the chicken in my Instant Pot, cover it with water, hit the broth button, set the timer to 15 minutes and end up with LOTS of homemade chicken bone broth!

In the YouTube video I purchased 2 chickens.  The cost of the chickens along with the other ingredients?  Mmmm, I probably spent about $15 and I ended up with:

9 – 16oz containers of chicken salad

40 CUPS of homemade chicken bone broth