Weekly Wrap-Up September 11 to 17, 2021

In this week’s Wrap Up, we share our weight updates and food diaries for the last week. Lori changed things up a little and had a breakthrough in a weight loss stall, and Krista avoided eating her biggest temptation thanks to the accountability of the food diary.

Weekly Weight Loss


This past week, Lori decided to try to break through a stall she had experienced for 10 days straight. When we, talked about it, I first asked her:

    • Was she getting enough daily fluids?
    • Was she getting enough sleep?
    • Was she sticking to low-carb food during her eating window?

She seemed to be doing well in all three areas, so I recommended a longer fast. Sometimes, whether we’re fasting or using some other method to lose weight, our bodies just get used to what we’re doing and we stop getting the results we are used to. When this happens, changing one thing can make the difference. Adding more exercise, changing what we’re eating, or changing our fasting schedule are some of the things that often will mix things up enough to get that weight loss going again. Lori had been doing OMAD (One Meal a Day) for a while, so I recommended doing a longer fast. She did a 48-hour fast the next couple of days, and it worked! She not only broke through her weight loss stall, she also reached her lowest weight since fasting! And she got within 11 pounds of getting to a normal BMI. That’s a win-win!

Lori’s daily weigh-ins for the last week

09/11/2021 158.6
09/12/2021 158.2
09/13/2021 158.6
09/14/2021 158.6
09/15/2021 158
09/16/2021 157.7
09/17/2021 156.7


My weight loss for the last week was . . . non-existent. I was up 2.2 pounds. But when she went back and looked at her weight for the last four weeks, she’s still averaging a loss of two pounds a week, which is her goal, so one week of a gain is fine with her.

Krista’s daily weigh-ins for the last week

9/11/2021 182.6
9/12/2021 182.6
9/13/2021 186
9/14/2021 186
9/15/2021 185
9/16/2021 185
9/17/2021 184.8

Krista’s weekly weigh-ins for the last four weeks

8/27/2021 192.6
9/3/2021 189.8
9/10/2021 185
9/17/2021 184.8

Food Diaries

This week marks the first Weekly Wrap Up that included what we ate during our eating windows in the last week. Take a look


Friday, September 10 – Sushi restaurant

Salad with ginger dressing

Crab salad

Sushi roll – tempura shrimp, cream cheese, mango, and blue crab wrapped in soy paper, no crunch on top

Hibachi with shrimp, onion, and broccoli and no rice

Saturday, September 11

Rotisserie chicken and chicken salad

Sunday, September 12

Chicken salad with red onions and dill pickles

Monday, September 13

Spinach salad with red onion, raisins, sliced almonds

Tuesday, September 14


Wednesday, September 15

Chicken salad

Thursday, September 16

2 scrambled eggs


Monday, September 13

3 cubes cheese

1 cup chicken salad

Thursday, September 16

1 cup salad

1 oz Kalamata olives

5 parmesan crisps

2 oz whole milk

2 oz deli oven roasted turkey

The food diary was very helpful this week. So helpful, in fact, that it kept me from eating my big weakness – peanut butter!

New Next Week

New starting next week – Old, Fat, & Fasting will go to two videos instead of three. Videos will post on Monday and Friday on a regular basis, and there will be additional videos on occasion.


Links to the two videos about Lori’s weight loss stall are shown below as is a link to the BMI calculator on the OFF website.

Lori’s Weight Loss Plateau Part 1

Lori’s Weight Loss Plateau Part 2

BMI Calculator